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Social Networking Site – Twitter – Twittering To Success

Networked –  meaning community-ed in the  technological dimension – Thanks to social networking sites – Twitter, facebook, orkut  which have literally simulated communication in the real world in all forms(chatting, video –conferencing, voice-chat) and media (photos, videos, etc).

                Twitter has been making news as a social networking site; not only for its micro-blogging platform, but also for the wider window it gives its users to know what is happening in the twitter community. Updates(news, festivals, holidays) get flashed almost instantly on the home page, giving the seekers what they want in the first step itself.

              The concept of microblogging has become synonymous with twitter, making it a microcosm of social networking.  The restraint of character usage in blog text is an added advantage where the twitterer (user) summarizes his posts in a crisp and concise manner; the blogging potential is thus drilled to bring out more relevant, punchy and short texts- pith and precise to add more meaning to the “glance through quick” factor. Yes, in the web world, reading has taken a finer edge of “browsing” but with sustained interest. What’s crisp is sure to catch the eye and twitter’s interface simply props up the byline of microblogging. Additionally, social networking, as a meaningful and purposeful concept gets a wider scope through twitter. For one, tweets are platform-compatible – as most of the devices from your iPAd to mobile phone are twitter-enabled; as against other social networking sites, where the ‘largesse’ factor comes into the picture, from the site-dimensions to features and utilities and user-base. With other sites, the hi-end interface tends to hinder direct navigation to the objective, forcing the user to take roundabout ways to reach the goal; unlike in twitter, where the methods to reach your objective are direct and simple. Which is why with twitter as the interface your profile (either professional or personal) has a wider scope to have a bigger following(you establish a direct link with people who like you) and a bigger network.

               Twitter as a social networking site hosts a wide range of apps  the latest being twubble: which helps you find interesting people on twitter, to “follow”; twitter local is a service, which helps you find people in your locality, with inputs such as location and the radius of search in your locality; TwitterWho helps you solve the mystery of a friend whose username you don’t know or have forgotten; and there is the very interesting apps called “twits like me”, which will help you find people who share your interests. If you want to track the twitterer with the biggest fan following or some celebrity then simply log onto the twitDir, get a ‘sneak peek” into the prolific twitterers.

               Moving over to the business arm of Twitter, which as a social networking site; extends and strengthens the bonding of a social community through a binding in trust, commitment and forward, to a business relationship. Some twitter client services designed with the business objective in mind are Hootsuite with an interface to schedule tweets, team management, multiple account management; co-tweet for the corporate users; TweetDeck, which preceded Hootsuite and Co-tweet, serving desktop clients; Buzzom sporting many account management tools such as followers management, people search etc typical for a business requirement. 

              Twitter started small but made it to achieve big through its short yet impacting tweets on the web-medium. Synchronizing with the Internet-buzz, with services such as web development, graphic design, logo design and a wide spectrum of web-enabled services is Rarefly, web design company Chennai. When you look for web or SEO services India, Rarefly comes to the fore, with customer-satisfaction at the forefront of its quality assurance. In short, Rarefly tweets “Expertise with a wide-web of experience”, causing a twitter for a bigger turnover of your online business.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Internet Safety for Children & College Students – Making internet a boon

The internet has opened the floodgates of information, unleashing a power, which only the well-informed, should wield, for constructive objectives. Technology has transcended barriers to bring out in the open anything to everything to anyone, sometimes even superseding security passes or firewalls.

With the absence of an ostensible age-criteria for access to information on the cyber-space, how to teach internet safety for children and college students, who are highly susceptible to the perils of cyber-space?

The Internet with its global dimensions, as an information resource or an entertainment channel, presents its own version of cyber-crimes. From hacking to stalking to  identity thefts, corrupting and a long chain of illegal online activities loom large just waiting to plug into a loophole/security lapse and wreak havoc on the computer exposed.

For instance, a 10 year old child browsing the internet may not be aware of how to respond to pop-up advertisements , tempting the user to sign up for freebies. A wrong click,  may just end up the child at a prohibited site with adult content. To cite another example, where a kid logging into a public chat room can be misled to reveal personal details (residential address, phone number), unaware of a portending peril(stalking bullying etc).

In such a scenario, how to ensure Internet safety for children and college students? How can you as the guardian or teacher step in to educate? When it comes to children, the issues relating to internet safety can be taken up at the class level, so as to effect sharing of thoughts, ideas and experience.Children usually focus on searches pertaining to information research or video gaming or online chat.

Depending upon the age-group being targeted, you could keep a rough outline of the area of interests of that particular age-group. It could be anything from sports to school projects. You could start a discussion on the interesting sites of information for the subjects researched. Such as, what were the attractive features about the websites visited by each student and what they discovered in their exploration? You are sure to get a good response and assessing that you can start your classification of the rights and wrongs of the internet and how each ‘browser’ should be forearmed and forewarned. In addition you could also detail on the security system installed in each PC, and the anti-virus to prevent any attack on the browser’s computer.

To be more impacting you could prop up your ideas with attractive diagrams (even caricatures) which can be good eye-catchers. You could even demonstrate these explanations through a practical approach by asking the children to sit in groups and give each group  a mini-project on tools for internet safety for children (exploring the tools menu and internet options), the firewall of the PC etc. As a report on the mini-project, you could ask each group to prepare charts or posters about the Internet hazards and how to remain safe.

The approach on the subject of Internet safety for college students slightly differs as the purpose of browsing extends to social networking as well.  Additionally, at the college level, students seek exhaustive information on any subject, which may compel them to register with a website from where the information is being accessed. You could discuss about the process of verification of the credentials of the site before registration. Through the process of registration, you could also bring out the subject of identity thefts, hacking, the use of discretion and discrimination while posting personal details on the site. The same is applicable while using chat rooms from cyber cafes, where personal identity details are best concealed. And it is best to establish contact or friendship with a known person even in a social networking site, where privacy settings can be defined to ensure maximum security.

The internet with its seamless connectivity and global reach is all about smooth-sailing along an ocean, where “pirates” lurk in unknown quarters. So  rules and regulations on Internet safety for children and college students, have to be spelt so that an anchor dropped at any website doesn’t expose the ‘browser’ to attacks. A secured website is a sought-after destination for any seeker. Building on this principle of web development, is Rarefly, Web design company chennai. Apart from fortifying website requirements with security and thorough functionality, our team’s portfolio covers SEO services, logo design services,  graphic designing… a list which best comes under the umbrella of web development India. At Rarefly, the business is not just about targets, time-frames and deadlines, it is also of quality insured with security, paving way for success safely and surely.

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Cons and pros of Epic browser – The diverse Indian browser through the window of WWW

The great Indian epics’ connotations have been applied to many modern practices. And such is the Indian browser. The epic browser typically Indian, with its make, view and regional diversity promises to be a part of the legendary epic figures (the pluses outwitting minuses) which have made a footnote in the history of mankind. With over a month since its launch, what are the cons and pros of epic browsers?

Let us browse through the features of the browser, which pronounce the Indian make up, and proclaims to create a global impact. In the process of navigation, we will also see how these features delineate as the cons and pros of epic browser.

As an Indian -make browser sporting a logo symbolic of the Indian flag, epic comes with built-in components such as multiple language support, streams of access to the major Indian channel websites, wallpapers, themes and other display features, which celebrate what is essentially Indian. Apart from these, the epic browser is the first of its kind to come up with a built-in anti virus software for your PC files and the downloadable ones as well. So, there is the ever-active fire wall (anti-phishing as well) to ward off the ‘evils’(virus, Trojan horses) of the Internet space, with the epic.
To add weight to the pros in the ‘cons and pros of epic browsers debate, there are (widgets) impregnated into the browser for social networking sites (twitter, facebook, blogger, orkut), and other chat clients, stringing a wide range of services from yahoo and Google as well.
Upholding the ‘unity in diversity’ concept of the Indian set-up, epic browser supports up to 12 Regional Indian languages. The user can write in or view any language using the transliterate tool of Google(to help you with a few foreign languages as well) or the epic’s very own built-in language tool.
The other enticing features include a snippet tool (to take screen shots of your favorite web-pages), timer, a to-do reminder list and games galore, that you would be game for epic browser.
More add-ons include epic –Maps, which is integrated with the Google Maps application, to help you find directions, to any place; access to online booking sites and a job-search utility.
And over and above all, the sensational side-bar of the browser clearly defines the ‘epic’ substance of the software, giving access to everything Indian from news to entertainment.
Epic is an open-source browser with the mozilla firefox backend capabilities and, add-ons applicable to firefox fit in ‘snugly into epic as well.
Just as every package comes with its share of surprises and setbacks, the cons and pros of the epic browsers, has a tilt of a few negatives in the way of ‘full-bodied components in-built with the browser, which makes it a heavy software and time-consuming to start. The side-bar applications have to be kept to a minimum level so that it doesn’t look cluttered, making you browse through a long scroll. The widgets permit only one application per window (no provision of tabs as in the case of firefox), making you fumble while switching between applications.
But the complete –heavy duty browser has more to its advantages, to win the battle in the cons and pros of epic browsers, with the pros calling the shots. plus the browser has an inbuilt addon to detect websites that are dangerous so it will be good thing for Web designing chennai in india so they may not get affected.
As a window to the world of internet, browsers are the must-have utility for every PC, desktop workstation etc. And as an opener or activator of these ‘windows’, are the websites which thread the connectivity to the Internet. Backtracking to the basics, and exponentiating the power of web through web technologies, is Web design company chennai Rarefly. Rarefly’s services encompass the wide gamut of web-technologies that stretch the very convention of web-designing to proclaim as not just web designers India, or graphic designers Chennai. Websites featured with best SEO services, India adds up to the portfolio of Rarefly. As a cut above the rest, the Rarely brand also qualifies as logo designers, India’s web market has created a niche for.

The web is synonymous with the Internet, and Rarefly, synchronized with web-enabled services, so that when you peek through epic browsers, the quality and substance behind a website, would definitely flag off, with the Rarefly emblem.

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Web Designing In Three Layers – A 3-Dimensional Approach

The world has come yet again to the state of ‘Pangaea’ (one solid mass of continent), with the Internet spinning its web far and wide and real fast. And in this context, web designing gives the base (website) to construct the ‘nodes, or junctions or towers’ of connectivity to the network of businesses.

As a picture of art or tool of technology, the three layers of web designing has become an entity with its own space and significance. The three layers namely, style, content and behavior can be said to assume a 3-dimensional space in the Internet world.

Each of these sub-entities that make up web designing are independent, exclusive and yet meet at the origin or common-point, of developing a website with attractive visuals; bolstered by readable content and with user-friendly and backend-and-browser compatible behavior, rendered by scripting languages.

To give meaning to the 3-D aspect of web designing, you first need to understand as to why each of these three integral aspects should be given a different, non-overlapping plane of operation. A website is said to be a full-fledged performer only if it is designed within the robust framework of the parameters of content, style and behavior. For instance you can’t rate a website high if it has high-quality content but goes low on the style or demonstrates poor behavior in the version incompatibility or browser conflicts or improper communication or misrepresentation of the back-end data. The parameters undervalued will not be able to ‘connect’ or correlate well with quality appearing only for that single-layer of web-designing. The blearing incongruence of any of the sub-entities bounds to surface, disrupting the process, the technology and the business flow.

Considering that each of the sub-entities have to deliver to the fullest, to make your website function and your business perform to the maximum potential, the 3-D approach to web-designing is imperative. This ensures that each of these sub-entities are designed and developed in a separate plane, giving it the exclusive time, effort and space, to shape up to the desired final product. A 3-D analysis and operation for these three layers also cushions the extras if there are, in the way of tweaking, modifying, remodeling, such that each of them are streamlined towards the common-goal point – the website.

Exploring the three layers further, the content layer is the face of your website with the text, images and other components, which resolve to make your site look attractive and eye-catching by our Web design company chennai. This is the layer, which plays a crucial role in converting ‘looks into cash-books’ as the viewer’s interest can be sustained through this. The tool used for building the content layer should comply with the existing web-standards. HTML as the standard building tool, has given way to the more robust, disciplined and compatible XHTML. As mentioned, the three layers developed in three different dimensions should meet at the common point and XHTML makes your content valid, by providing slots and plug-ins which gives platform for inter-communication between the layers.

When it comes to style, it is best to use external style sheets and link it your main/parent document. Cascading style sheets or CSS define the modularity of style-functions in a web-page. Moving over to the behavior aspect, which is integral in equipping your browser with functionality, JavaScript is the preferred and choicest language to ‘speak’ for the browsers. It interfaces well with the other layers and also complies with DOM(document object model, the structural hierarchy of web documents) standards without creating snags or hitches. Instead of embedding the scripts in the parent document, script files can be created separately and referenced by your XHTML file.

Thus the three layers created in a 3-D space, each layer in a separate, non-intersecting plane, converge with greater intensity and impact on the final product. To deliver with the concept, thought and understanding of 3-D web-designing, is Chennai-based web design company .Our Web designing chennai , also specializes in other services, ranging from SEO services, corporate presentation, logo designs and graphic desing services, with a stamp of ‘ever-delivered on-time’ customer satisfaction.

We add the fourth-dimension in the space of web-designing delivering quality and the corporate identity of your business.

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Steps to increase website conversion

Websites have become the windows of opportunity to “Web-space Unlimited” where every pixel can be converted into a mobile point for your business. With such potential surfacing from the online mode, here are a few steps to website conversion.

What is website conversion? When a browser hits upon your business website through affiliate advertisements or PPC clicks (sales leads), the increased probability or the actuality of the lead striking sales is website conversion. For instance, if a certain viewer is directed to your website and is attracted by the features and testimonials of your products/service, he/she would make the precious click for buying; which is sales for you and conversion for your website.

Let us explore the steps to increase website conversion. The first and foremost step is to make your website user-friendly. User-friendliness goes beyond the concept of giving a simple, hassle-free interface. It is also enhanced functionality in the way of giving a search facility especially if your business offers myriad products and services. An advanced search feature gives the customers a wider scope to look for what they want. Theses apart, all potential customers need some guidance to navigate to the product or service of their choice or best suited to their requirement. Recommended products functionality is one such feature where customers can have more “literature” as to why a product should be bought. There are of course more refined product recommendation utilities such as criteo, which features the most-sought-after and bought-out products. Once the “deal is struck” with the customer, your website should be able to seal the deal in a fashionable way- by giving more options for payment gateways apart from the standard ones which interface with banks. For instance, having paypal and google checkout can ease out the congestion of payments for many customers, apart from certifying credibility.

Moving over to the next step to increase website conversion is to increase the credibility factor of your website through a good design work (demonstrating professional touch) which appeals (and at the same acts). The first impression is always created through visual appeal bolstered by catch-phrases and quality logo designs. Additionally, testimonials and third party accreditations give the boost of credibility to your website. A dated testimonial from a popular brand can convince customers that your business has a brand quotient of its own. Apart from all these, make your business reachable even via the conventional modes of communication through telephone, by giving toll-free numbers for enquiries. Once the credibility factor is established, going further to increase your website conversion rates, is to improve on your online merchandising offers with best buys, festival offers, off-season offers and others of the range, and a savings slab on each buy can inch further to a website conversion, because the customer wants the best buy with maximum savings.

Having a sales section which is functional 24*7 will be more viable as it helps to increase CTR and, is also a big attraction for affiliate advertising. Once the lead has grabbed the customer “by the click”, sustain the enthusiasm of the customer by enhancing your shopping cart features with editing, preview mode, the total cost (inclusive and exclusive of VAT), as the absence of these can be a big turn-off. Also displaying the hidden charges (like delivery costs) can actually reinforce the customer’s decision in going ahead with his/her buy, rather than feeling cheated and, abandoning the deal altogether. Another crucial point to note while following steps to website conversion is to make sure that the check-out process is hassle-free with all features for a live sales chat, a tele-support, a “Where am I “ navigator to keep the customer aware of his/her location in the website, to facilitate reverting to any-stage of the transaction. A “buy now pay later” option is also another way to increase website conversion as this gives a cushion to the customers to decide instantly and plan for the payment later. This can also be pepped up with discount offers for customers who have failed the credit check.

There are myriad channels to lead visitors to your website and turn them into customers. The expertise lies in deep-rooted knowledge of the internet marketing strategy and the effective techniques to tap into it. As a leader in increasing your website conversion rates is RareFly, web design company Chennai, with hard core expertise in web development, which extends to SEO services, graphic designing and all others in the range integrating with the “Web component”. At Rarefly, the lead doesn’t hang for your business it channels to hit the objective with the customer.

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Create Flood of Leads using Internet Article marketing

If you want to give your website a skyrocketing thrust in terms of leads, then Internet article marketing is one potential you should explore. The web has become the chosen medium to transact with a flood of visitors passing through the internet gateway and, channeling the right section of consumers to your business site, will give you leads.
To substantiate, there is an imperative need to give a fresh perspective to existing practices so that they can evolve to meet the greater demands of competition. For instance, search engine optimization which started off targeting website content, images, videos and other particulars of the like can also be extended to articles written It has been almost two months, We desperately need article to maintain & improve the ranking positions in the search engines. about your business and published in article directories. Therefore Internet article marketing is another plane to optimize the content of your business(product/service) to rank high with search engines, and also generate leads.

Such articles pertaining to your business should be highly focused inline with the standards of search engine analytics. The principles of writing articles remain the same as that of website content, except that there is a greater deal of precision with the coverage on a specific range of services(s) or products(s). Apart from being able to engage the reader from the start to end, the article should be informative giving exactly what the reader seeks. For instance, if internet article marketing is being deployed for a website featuring real-estate business and a browser searching for “apartments for sale in a particular region” comes across the article(s) linked to the website, the article should exactly cover all aspects of real-estate pertaining to that specific region alone- the trends, the downslide, ongoing sales-rates, rentals the futuristic prospects etc. The area of focus will ensure that the target audience is directed as leads to your website. .

Another advantage of article marketing on the Internet is that the articles published under your site reference can also be “republished” by other sources, which implies this way of article marketing has a spiraling effect. From one source, it spirals to a wide space therefore giving your business greater visibility This increases the scope of generating more leads to your website through the backlinks the articles are embedded with.

For effective online article marketing there is the quality of the article to be taken care of in terms of content and keyword precision so that the seeker is actually the prospective customer and another factor is syndicating the article to as many web-directories as possible including free article directories, blogs, ezine. Inline with the rage of internet article marketing there are submission services such as the unique article wizard, which undertake article submission to article directories and blogs as well. Blog owners get a supply of free unique articles from such service tools; which means that the scope of internet marketing widens once again on this new plane.

Tapping the potential of the ever-growing web medium to give your business the right launch-pad is web Design Company in Chennai Rarefly. With a wealth of experience and expertise drilled from the length, breadth and depth of the internet potential Rarefly is synchronized with web development encompassing graphic designing, logo designing and SEO services as well. Our premise of operation is not just a satisfied customer but a solution, which expands to accommodate the fast-paced changing trends of the tech-world so that there is an assured return for the customer and a ‘never-look-beyond-Rarefly’ conviction.

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Why is Internet marketing the new face of business?

In the internet dominated 21st century, it is hard to imagine a business surviving without incorporating internet in its marketing plan. Since a long time, businesses have been using various marketing techniques to attract customers and increase their sales. Today, the conventional marketing practices have been replaced by internet marketing, which is a far better, easier and faster way to reach maximum number of people.  

Also known as online marketing, internet marketing is a quite vast term. It involves a number of techniques, including SMM, SEO, targeted marketing, lead generation, web analytics, email marketing etc, which are aimed at building the image of a brand. No matter whether you are selling best quality products or the finest services, you will never generate desired profits, if your target customers do not know about your business. To make sure that the people you are targeting are aware of what your company is offering, you need to hire the best internet marketing company which can employ the most rewarding internet marketing techniques.
The importance of online marketing cannot be ignored, if you want to see your business excel. Some of the reasons which make internet marketing so crucial in today’s competitive world are mentioned below:

  • Wide reach: Undoubtedly, the biggest reason which makes internet marketing so popular is its vast reach. Internet is used by innumerable people in various countries all over the world, to search for information, products and services. Your ads placed on different websites can be seen by a large number of people, irrespective of the region or country they are present in. This allows you to reach prospective clients world over in the least possible time, which is unimaginable with traditional marketing.
  • Specific targeting: Most probably your products or services will be targeted at consumers of a particular age group or country. Thus, it is important to aim your marketing plans at those people only. Internet marketing service India allows you to segment your customer base in different groups and then target your marketing strategies accordingly, which is hardly possible with conventional marketing. Location, age or demography are some of the factors based on which you can segment your customers.
  • Track conversions: Another favorable factor contributing in the popularity of online internet marketing services is that you can keep a track of every step of your internet marketing campaign. It is a very helpful feature, which allows you to know the strategies which are working and which are not generating the desired outcome. By evaluating these from time to time you can modify or improve your marketing plans, in order to make them more successful.
  • Online branding: The prime reason, why marketing is conducted in the first place is for increasing the visibility of a product among audiences. Internet marketing helps to place your brand on the topmost spot, where it can be easily noticed by your prospective customers. More visible your brand is, more chances are there of people visiting your website to know more about the products or services you are offering.
  • Improve interactions: Advertisements posted online are more interactive in nature as compared to print advertisements, which generally appear in newspapers and magazines. It allows users the freedom to browse whatever they want and whenever they find it convenient. However, in traditional form of marketing the fate of advertisements cannot be determined, as it is up to the users if they want to look at it or ignore it altogether.
  • Build credibility: The interactive nature of internet marketing services India also serves a crucial purpose of building trust among your customers, as it enables the users to interact more freely. You can share useful information regarding your products through blogs or other mediums, which will prove helpful in gaining their trust and establishing your brand’s credibility.
  • Economical: Internet is certainly the most economical media for marketing your products and brand worldwide. Starting a business website and promoting your products through internet involves lesser costs, as compared to the costs associated with traditional marketing, thus making these affordable internet marketing services the prime choice of businesses worldwide.
It is clear from the above mentioned factors that why internet marketing is considered the new face of business. With more and more people using internet to look for their desired products or services, the significance of internet marketing cannot be ignored. If you are unsure about the best internet marketing strategy that can provide you lucrative returns, then consulting internet marketing services should be your first step. With the ever increasing number of online marketing strategies being developed every day, choosing the most suitable for your business can definitely prove difficult. Renowned and credible companies providing internet marketing consulting services are well aware of the latest techniques and strategies which can be implemented to ensure the desired level of success online. So, rather than waiting and letting your competitors stride ahead, it is recommended to implement a well planned strategy for your business and see it grow exponentially.

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