Monday, July 15, 2013

Steps to increase website conversion

Websites have become the windows of opportunity to “Web-space Unlimited” where every pixel can be converted into a mobile point for your business. With such potential surfacing from the online mode, here are a few steps to website conversion.

What is website conversion? When a browser hits upon your business website through affiliate advertisements or PPC clicks (sales leads), the increased probability or the actuality of the lead striking sales is website conversion. For instance, if a certain viewer is directed to your website and is attracted by the features and testimonials of your products/service, he/she would make the precious click for buying; which is sales for you and conversion for your website.

Let us explore the steps to increase website conversion. The first and foremost step is to make your website user-friendly. User-friendliness goes beyond the concept of giving a simple, hassle-free interface. It is also enhanced functionality in the way of giving a search facility especially if your business offers myriad products and services. An advanced search feature gives the customers a wider scope to look for what they want. Theses apart, all potential customers need some guidance to navigate to the product or service of their choice or best suited to their requirement. Recommended products functionality is one such feature where customers can have more “literature” as to why a product should be bought. There are of course more refined product recommendation utilities such as criteo, which features the most-sought-after and bought-out products. Once the “deal is struck” with the customer, your website should be able to seal the deal in a fashionable way- by giving more options for payment gateways apart from the standard ones which interface with banks. For instance, having paypal and google checkout can ease out the congestion of payments for many customers, apart from certifying credibility.

Moving over to the next step to increase website conversion is to increase the credibility factor of your website through a good design work (demonstrating professional touch) which appeals (and at the same acts). The first impression is always created through visual appeal bolstered by catch-phrases and quality logo designs. Additionally, testimonials and third party accreditations give the boost of credibility to your website. A dated testimonial from a popular brand can convince customers that your business has a brand quotient of its own. Apart from all these, make your business reachable even via the conventional modes of communication through telephone, by giving toll-free numbers for enquiries. Once the credibility factor is established, going further to increase your website conversion rates, is to improve on your online merchandising offers with best buys, festival offers, off-season offers and others of the range, and a savings slab on each buy can inch further to a website conversion, because the customer wants the best buy with maximum savings.

Having a sales section which is functional 24*7 will be more viable as it helps to increase CTR and, is also a big attraction for affiliate advertising. Once the lead has grabbed the customer “by the click”, sustain the enthusiasm of the customer by enhancing your shopping cart features with editing, preview mode, the total cost (inclusive and exclusive of VAT), as the absence of these can be a big turn-off. Also displaying the hidden charges (like delivery costs) can actually reinforce the customer’s decision in going ahead with his/her buy, rather than feeling cheated and, abandoning the deal altogether. Another crucial point to note while following steps to website conversion is to make sure that the check-out process is hassle-free with all features for a live sales chat, a tele-support, a “Where am I “ navigator to keep the customer aware of his/her location in the website, to facilitate reverting to any-stage of the transaction. A “buy now pay later” option is also another way to increase website conversion as this gives a cushion to the customers to decide instantly and plan for the payment later. This can also be pepped up with discount offers for customers who have failed the credit check.

There are myriad channels to lead visitors to your website and turn them into customers. The expertise lies in deep-rooted knowledge of the internet marketing strategy and the effective techniques to tap into it. As a leader in increasing your website conversion rates is RareFly, web design company Chennai, with hard core expertise in web development, which extends to SEO services, graphic designing and all others in the range integrating with the “Web component”. At Rarefly, the lead doesn’t hang for your business it channels to hit the objective with the customer.

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