Thursday, October 14, 2010

Microsoft share point applications – Networking and Sharing at the micro level

Networking, centralized administration, sharing, collaborating on a common –platform – the cornerstone of a successful community. An organization which delivers as a team(community) with a common objective is the one which succeeds. Simulating the community –concept in the internet space is a wide range of technologies and applications such as Microsoft SharePoint applications- which strengthens the binding and bonding of organizational resources through a network created by the SharePoint technology.

What is Microsoft share point and why is it important?

Microsoft share point is a suite of softwares developed by Microsoft to underline the objective mentioned above, with features that include file-sharing, web-publishing on the Intranet - a microcosm of the internet space( spelling a dynamic market scenario with speed, quality and efficiency as its trio of standards).

A business with an organizational approach is right on target namely the customer, and Microsoft SharePoint applications works on this premise, to securely deliver to the promise a business makes.

Microsoft SharePoint applications provide templates that help in intranet site management through enterprise solutions, apart from integrating the MS office suite into its framework.

Apart from integrating MS office documents’, the SharePoint application templates are mainly the site-admin templates and the server-admin templates

Site-admin templates are custom templates that can be easily installed into the site’s template gallery with out the intervention of the site administrator.

Whereas, server-admin templates are administered at the server level, with tighter security and greater integrity to function better within the SharePoint services platform.

Some of the site admin templates are :Board of Directors , Business Performance Reporting, Case Management for Government Agencies, Classroom Management,Clinical Trial Initiation and Management, Competitive Analysis Site, Discussion Database, Disputed Invoice Management, Employee Activities Site, Employee Self-Service Benefits, Employee Training Scheduling and Materials, Equity Research, Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking, Manufacturing Process Management,

Exemplifying some of the above share point applications, for instance, the board of directors documents, will detail on key business strategies, annual meetings, periodic reviews etc, giving access to a few external members.

On the other hand, the competitive analysis site features details on the business competitor’s products and services. This Microsoft SharePoint application helps to organize and centralize information about business competitors.

Moving over to the server-admin templates, the scope of applications which can be developed is vast just as the range of templates, which can be customized to meet the desired requirement.

Some of the server-side SharePoint application templates Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management,Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects, Bug Database, Call Center, Change Request Management, Compliance Process Support Site, Job Requisition and Interview Management, Knowledge Base etc

For instance, the absence request and vacation schedule management helps employees to request for leave (sick) or vacation and accordingly reassign the allotted tasks to another team member. This helps the organization in leave management ensuring that the work delivery doesn’t get affected. Another way of resource management at the server end is the Job Requisition and Interview Management, which helps the recruiter to keep track of job vacancies, recruits and scheduled interviews for the vacancies.

The key to Business management is an organized foundation, which will provide the platform for prospects to reach their potential. There is more than enough space for technology and real-time business practices to synchronize on the intranet platform and the larger internet. Delving into this synergy of web technology and business classics, is Pixint graphics, Web Design Company New Jersey, California – USA, which offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from web development, ecommerce portals, web portal development to SEO services. Pixint is synonymous with professional web development where graphical user-interface design exponentiates to give the ultimate user experience. Here, the collaborative approach with the client towards the business requirement, brings out the truest essence of the business on the web platform, so that the story of success rings from a ‘shared’ experience.

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