Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Choose Good Efficient Keywords??

Have you just started with SEO and not sure about choosing the ‘keywords’, then here it is for you – A keyword is a word or a phrase that are used to describe your website in short .

So why do we concentrate that much on “KEYWORDS” ??? Is it that much important???

Yes.. Keyword Analysis is the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

However, it is sad that most people don’t know to pick their ‘right’ keywords and use some keywords that vaguely describes their site or is too general for everyone. e.g. If you have a site that is dealing with ‘Web Designing’ and the site is describe about services like Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design. Then you must use keywords like ‘Web Designing Services’,’Affordable Logo Designing Services’,’ Corporate Branding Solutions’, 'Web Designing and Development Company' so on..

As a matter of fact, it is easier to target Key phrases… its more efficient too… Because a person who is looking for web solutions will be using the key phrases ‘Web Designing Company Chennai’ or ‘SEO Services Jordan’ and not just ‘Web Design’.. its also good to add your city, state or country name with your keywords.

Here are some tips to choose “effective” keywords..

  • Be very clear about your site theme. By this you’ll be having what keywords are been used..
  • Join those keywords to form meaningful key phrases.. Keep in mind what type of key phrases your customers will be using..
  • Each page of your website should have one to three related keyword phrases that are site-explicit.
  • Your keyword phrases should be used all through your site content- where it makes sense –and also use it in the title tag and Meta tags. Don't stuff your keywords unnecessarily, because it is considered as spam.
  • Initially don’t target for more competitive Keyphrases
  • Also consider misspellings for your keywords. People many a times misspell while searching. Like ‘accesories’ instead of ‘accessories’ and so on
  • As a final point, check your final list on Google and in other search engines. Even though, this is too boring but this is important so that you can know if you can really ‘rank’ for those keywords!
Some Free Keywords Analysis Tools : Google Adwords, Google Trends

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