Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On-Page Optimization

With more and more websites being projectile daily, the search engines are more and more getting confined. So, if your site needs to get the eyes of interested readers, SEO is a mandatory.
In On-Page optimizing, we make changes on the pages or inside the website that affects its ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It deals with design level and code changes that will help the search engine bots or spiders to understand the pages or the website efficiently and get them indexed.

On page optimization is one of the key features of SEO. It is the basic step towards ensuring a high traffic to your website.

There are many factors that can determine an effective on page optimization. Some of them are discussed below:

These are some effective On-Page Optimization factors.. And guy if i left any points, plz post through comments..

Choosing the domain name – Use keywords in the domain name with hyphen (-) in-between keywords..

Using Proper Title & Keywords in the title tag.. Use 60 characters (~8 words) with no special Characters..

Good meta description – it is said that Google is not taking meta tags into consideration.. but why to take chances, use proper, relevant (words should appear in the body, otherwise it’ll be penalized for irrelevant) & keyword rich description.. and the limit is 200 characters.

Coming to the body, don’t stuff ur keywords in the body.. keep your keyword occurrence between 5 – 20 %

Add "alt" and "title" tags for all the images - Do NOT fill with spam.

These are just very basic points about On-page Optimization.. In my later posts i ll be putting more about On-Page Optimization..

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