Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keyword Research Strategy

The Long Tail paragraph demonstrated the importance of keyword research. This section will go through the steps you should follow to find your keywords.

Brainstorm and competitor analysis :
  • Your Business
    First start by identifying the core offerings of your business, these are the offerings that you do best and what sets you apart from your competitors. You should try to really pinpoint these offerings and have no more than three or four keyword combinations.

    Example: if you were a Web Designing Company in New Jersey USA, one of your core offerings would be “Web Design Company New Jersey”. If you have an existing site, go through its pages and identify at least 3 offerings (3 x combinations of 3 to 4 keywords). Do not just focus on your main activity (e.g. Web Designing New Jersey example above) but also what other services you offer (Hire a Web Designer? Web Designing Portfolio?)

  • Your competitors
    Repeat the task above. However, this time use a competitor’s or another website that provides a similar service. Do as above but with your competitors or other websites that provide a similar service. If you are unsure of your competitors, Google your three core offerings and look for someone similar to you in the search results. Try and identify 3 more keyword combinations (that differ from your own).

    You can also use the Google AdWords keyword tool to extract the keywords held in your competitor’s website. Go to and select “Website content” when asked “How would you like to generate keyword ideas?”

    Doing so will not only provide you with a selection of keywords that your competitor has been using in their site but will also suggest you many other related keywords. You don’t have to use all these keywords within your site’s content but they are a great indication of what your target market is interested in. You may therefore want to consider using them when developing new content using a blog for instance.When provided with the results of the Google AdWords keyword search focus on the “Local Search Volume” column and change the Match Type from Broad to Exact.

  • Broad search
    You should have 6 keyword combinations as well as their respective list of keywords. It is now time to broaden your search and run your core offerings through online tools to complete your listing

  • How can I complement my initial research?
    Your head should now be buzzing with a growing list of keyphrases that you previously hadn’t thought of. Use the keywords you discovered using to complete the diagram below. Only keep the keywords and keyphrases relevant to your business.

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