Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to use your Keywords??

You now have an optimal list of keywords and keyphrases to use in the content throughout your website. Decide on the focus of each individual page of your site and then attribute the relevant keywords or keyphrases to its content.

This section will show you exactly where to put the keyphrases in the structure of your page’s content.

a) Title tag
Use your keyphrase in the title tag and complement it with related keywords.
E.g. Web Development, Website Design Company India

b) Headings
Use your keyphrase or its related keywords in the H1 (header 1) and use related keywords in H2 and H3 when possible. Remember that you do not want your content to be overloaded with keywords and sound unnatural.
E.g. Complete Web Solutions for your Business or Web Services

c) Image Alt attribute
Aim to use an image that is related to the page’s theme and use your keyphrase or its related keywords in the text of the image alt attribute.

d) URL
Use the keyphrase or the main keyword in the page address (the URL). If your content management system doesn’t allow you to do this, ask your web developer to see if some necessary changes could be made in order to reach the style of the address shown below (using keywords and hyphens).

e) Page copy (content)
Use your keyphrase and its related keywords at least 2-3 times in the page’s content itself. Try and bold the keyphrase or appropriate keywords once at least.

f) Meta description
Even though it has been established that the Meta description (the information below the site’s listing in a search engine) doesn’t primarily affect search engine rankings, you should still include your keywords in it, as this will gain your customers’ attention because it usually reinstates what they have searched for originally.

g) Hyperlinks
Keywords should also be used in hyperlinks. However, the keywords used in links to a page should be the keywords indentifying the linked page and not the theme of the page the link originates from.
E.g. Imagine I am on a different page than For instance, I could be on the page about Graphical User Interface Design. If I want to add a link within the page that takes Website Design and Development Services page, I would use the Website Design and Development Services keywords in the link.
It could look like something like this:
Visit our page about our Website Design and Development Services

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