Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay away from Malicious Online Directories

When starting to build inbound links to your site, the first idea that generally springs to mind is directories. Most of the time you can submit your site to online directories there and then. Read below why you should consider this practice with caution. The purpose of directories is to group information in categories that a user can browse when searching for something specific. However, people have soon realised that having their website listed in a directory creates an inbound link to their site, thus possibly providing a positive “vote” for their website and improving their search engine rankings. This has given ideas to many web savvy entrepreneurs and directories started to flourish. There are now millions of directories on the web but the majority have a dubious intention. Their priority is not to help humans find relevant websites but to make money by selling links that may improve search engine rankings.

Google, Yahoo! and other search engines are well aware of these practices and have recently started removing malicious directories from their search engine rankings. This implies that there is absolutely no point in spending money to be listed in a directory whose purpose is to simply improve search engine rankings.

Stay away from directories that:
  • Offer to increase your site’s rankings
  • Offer you a premium membership with even more links
  • Offer you the possibility to put hyperlinks in your keywords
  • Talk to you using web jargon confirms their intention of helping search engines and not the end user

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